The Hague Tribunal has recognized leader of the Congolese rebels guilty of war crimes

Гаагский трибунал признал лидера конголезских повстанцев виновным в военных преступлениях

Bosco Ntaganda was found guilty on 18 charges. He faces life imprisonment.

The international criminal court in the Hague was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity of a former rebel leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bosco Ntaganda, reports DW.

During a meeting of the ICC on Monday, July 8, the judges noted that in 2002-2003, at the height of the armed conflict in Ituri province in North-Eastern DR Congo Ntaganda gave orders “to attack and kill civilians”.

Ntaganda was found guilty of such war crimes as a gross mass murder, rape and enslavement and sexual slavery of civilians, including adolescent girls. Victims of criminal orders of the former field commander of the Congolese rebels were children and even infants. In addition, judges considered the proven guilt of a former rebel leader in Congo, set in its armed forces teenagers and the murder of a Catholic priest.

In General Bosco Ntaganda was found guilty on 18 charges, including 13 for war crimes and 5 crimes against humanity. He Ntaganda denied all accusations, stressing that he was “a soldier, not a criminal.”

The current sentence is the third sentence of the ICC for war crimes for the entire 17-year history of the court. The decision to sentence the former Congolese rebel leader will take later at one of the meetings of the ICC, after the judges will hear the testimony of victims of Ntaganda’s orders. Convicted faces life in prison.

When, in 1999, a conflict broke out in Congo, Ntaganda nicknamed “the Terminator” was one of the commanders of the Congolese rebel groups. According to human rights activists during the conflict, which lasted several years, killed more than 60 thousand people.