The hatchet is not buried. The ex-wife from the world of show business, who years after divorce some unflattering things about each other speak

Топор войны не зарыт. Экс-супруги из мира шоу-бизнеса, которые спустя годы после развода нелестно друг о друге высказываются

Star couples often break up with scandal, but some former beloved over time improve relations.

Someone even become friends. There are those who retain at least some kind of good interaction for children.

But there are ex-spouses who not only do not communicate, even if they have heirs, but in an interview with unflattering about each other favors. For example, Andrey Arshavin said that after breaking up with the mother of his three children Yulia Baranovskaya for the last seven years have seen her only once. However, he would be happy if all she’s never met.

Arshavin said that never wants to see Anastasia Baranovskaya openly conflicts with her ex-husband and the father of the daughter Ariadne Igor Vdovin. Dancer accuses ex-husband of defrauding her of a large amount of money it is on his advice, invested in the construction of elite residential complex in Astrakhan. Means the stars burned, which she was angry.

Recently divorced Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny. Agatha admitted that Paul had blocked her on social networks.

Despite the fact that initially the couple planned to leave on a peaceful note, now they communicate only on matters relating to their children: Timothy and MIA.

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