The head of Kyivmiskbud said, when cheaper apartment

Глава Киевгорстроя рассказал, когда подешевеют квартиры

The developer explained the specifics of the construction market.

Chairman of the Board of HC “Kyivmiskbud” Igor Kushnir believes that in the coming years the cost of apartments will not be affected. About this he wrote a column for HB.

This question during interviews or personal meetings do not ask just lazy. The answer is always the same: never. At least in the next few years for sure. And here’s why. To build a house, the developer must comply with a list of conditions. First, you need somewhere to take the land for development. Usually it is either purchase or lease, “explains Kushnir.

When the issue of land is solved, continues Kushnir, the contractor submits documents to the Department of urban planning and architecture KSCA, in the operational organization: the water utility, Kyivenergo, etc. to obtain technical conditions. Then, a draft of the complex, which after examination goes to GASK for obtaining a construction permit.

And when all “hell” are passed, you can finally build. I must say that not always work the first time, and not even always with the second. Sometimes the procedure takes 1.5−2 years. You want to crawl hundreds of offices and collect thousands of signatures. And most importantly, these procedures until receipt of construction permits cost a lot of money, “says Kushnir.

He explains that building materials constantly rise in price, appartments rents equipment, if not used, equipment contractors, and it requires refueling equipment, engineering equipment, all imported. And the opening of visa-free travels with the European Union has also prompted developers to raise wages.

Many good professionals left “to build Europe”, and not to be left without working hands, they had to rethink not only the salary increase, but in General, the terms of contracts with builders. It is the largest and the most expensive part. But not the last. For the promotion of home necessary to conduct marketing campaigns, build marketing strategy all the time to remind the buyer, “says Kushnir.

The President of Kyivmiskbud sees no prerequisites for reduction of prices per square meter now or in the near future, and therefore cheaper than it is today, in his opinion, the apartment cost will be.

The numbers speak for themselves: in June last year, the average cost per square meter in Kiev was 23 thousand UAH, and in June 2020, the figure had risen to 25.1 thousand UAH per square. Such a gradual increase in property prices has been observed for several years, “says Kushnir.

Earlier, the Rada extended the moratorium on eviction of foreign currency borrowers. Adopted July 16, bill No. 3640 provides for the extension of the moratorium on eviction from the only housing to completely solve the problem of borrowers until 2022.