The head of the armed forces commented on the reformist ideas of Saakashvili on the courts

Глава ВС прокомментировала реформаторские идеи Саакашвили о судах

The head of the Supreme court Valentyna Danishevska not see specific proposals for reform of the judicial system of Ukraine in the statements of the head of the Executive Committee of the National Council reform Mikheil Saakashvili and overall attempts of communication of the national Council with the judiciary.

She said this in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, commenting on the ideas of Saakashvili regarding total reform of the Ukrainian courts.

“In addition to the slogans of radical revolutionary changes that we, in fact, nothing concrete can not hear. Talking about the creation of the perfect system that will definitely work. And there is a struggle over who will appoint these perfect judges,” said Danishevsky.

Responding to a question about whether it could be considered a rational initiative to enable the Supreme court judges, foreigners, the head of the Supreme court said: “the initiative with the judges of the foreigners I would say that the results of the work of the judge will depend on, under the protection of the state, he will be”.

She also pointed out the unconstitutionality of this rule. “The Constitution requires that the judge was a citizen of Ukraine that he was in possession of the state language. Yes, in fact, I do not know of examples in the world that this practice has contributed to some breakthrough”.

Also Daniszewski added: “with regard to the judiciary in Georgia. We always enjoy the successes of their colleagues in other countries. However, it seems that the verdict of the Georgian courts against Mr Saakashvili himself, Mr. Saakashvili was not happy.”

In addition, the head of the Supreme court stressed the absence of any dialogue with the national Council of the judiciary: “No dialogue with the national Council of reforms, not even any attempt of communication was not. If you have any ideas, suggestions for the consideration of those or other problem questions – just respond because we are the first who is interested in improving justice,” she said.

With regard to communication with President Vladimir Zelensky, the Danishevsky, head of the state personally never met her, but there is communication with the Office of the President after the decision of the constitutional court on the unconstitutionality of several provisions of the Law “On judicial system and status of judges”.

“If the dialogue is productive – time will tell. But our first marker – the launch of the CCG and appointment in local courts and swearing in of 400 new judges,” – said the head of the court.

In General, according to Daniszewski, all branches of power in Ukraine should work to achieve real results.

“What happens in practice? As soon as the country approaches the next election, all candidates are beginning to increase their authority at the expense of humiliation of others. After all, it’s better to assign the culprit to the court system, because it is not going to the polls. So as not to attract attention to other problems in the state, all the time focuses attention on the shortcomings of the judicial system, although it suffers from the same disease, and all of society, all branches of government”, – summed up the head of the Supreme court.

In turn, the Council of judges of Ukraine and the judicial community expressed outrage Saakashvili’s statement about the judicial branch of government.

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