The head of the ASMAP Leonid Kostyuchenko: If the government did not regulate the work of the international carriers, we will be forced to protest again

Глава АсМАП Леонид Костюченко: Если власти не урегулируют работу международных перевозчиков, мы будем вынуждены снова протестовать


In Ukraine on 12 Feb, was held to protest international carriers. The Prime Minister, which addressed more than once truckers, outraged new electronic booking system of permits for trucking, the protesters came out, but made a number of loud statements. But he held a meeting of representatives ASMAP and the Ministry of Infrastructure. As agreed in an interview with UNIAN said the President of ASMAP, Leonid Kostyuchenko.

12 Feb Kiev were bound traffic jams. This was the result of protests by truckers, organized by the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP). The drivers demanded to bring an order with the electronic booking system of permits for international road transport, which was launched in January this year. The imperfection of the system led to days-long queues at the border and reduce the number of international flights by more than five thousand.

In addition, the organizers called on Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, to dismiss the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Cricle and the leadership of the State service for transportation safety (Ukrtransagent) due to the existing problems in the industry.

Prime Minister to the protesters did not, but said that the government has no plans to abandon the electronic system for issuing permits. “If someone expects that they will be able to return gray strange distribution, that can immediately warn you that we will not go on compromises and concessions, and will not allow you to roll back to the old scheme. All have equal access, this is a position in which we stand,” – said Goncharuk.

According to him, earlier, when permission was granted for the distribution of the Association of road carriers, there was a quota principle, and quite often this distribution was carried out for the money. Now the principle of obtaining permits is simple: the carrier may submit the application electronically and within five days of receiving the resolution.

“If you are a small carrier, but organized normal operation, do not need to go cap in hand to some Association. Just get permission using the e – tool,” – said Goncharuk.

While the Prime Minister explained the government’s position in Ininfrastructure began a meeting of representatives of relevant agencies and AIH. According to its results, the Department stated that it had satisfied some of the requirements of international road carriers, in the future the parties will settle issues in the industry.

As agreed in an interview with UNIAN said the President of the Association of international road carriers of Ukraine (ASMAP), Leonid V. Kostyuchenko.

The Ministry of infrastructure announced on its official website a statement that it had granted in negotiations on 12 February, the number of requirements of international road carriers of the protesters and promised to continue negotiations to normalize the situation. Whether so it actually and what exactly is it?

So. The question was decided on a five-hour meeting in the Ministry. Our requirements were and to the Prime Minister, who, incidentally, did not come to the meeting, and the Ministry of Infrastructure. The main one is to immediately lift the illegal e-book permits. It has not issued any regulatory document. Moreover, order No. 757 of the Ministry of transport of Ukraine of 2004 on the rationalization of the system of registration, issue, use and accounting of permissions to international carriage of passengers and goods by road.

We have two years working on changes together with the relevant Ministry. Proposed to introduce quotas of permits – the European practice. But no one discussing the issue, innovation in the form of e-booking presented on 27 December. Learned about everything on TV. It made a “splash”.

What caused the carriers is the outrage?

The project is completely raw. Instructions for its implementation are missing. But the idea was implemented. Were as follows: January 2, 864 permission to Italy was booked carriers for 54 minutes. And that – the quota for the month. For example, one company of 50 cars booked 170 permits. That is, three permits for one car. Moreover, we are talking only about Italy. What is this? As for other carriers worked saying – who did not, that was late.

But this does not mean that no one responded on new year’s eve presentation of the Ministry. Carriers sitting all day behind a computer to make reservations. But the system has failed. You had to enter certain data, to issue electronic signature codes of the enterprise… these are all the skills and specifics. But not every carrier has at its disposal specialist who would be able all of it in the shortest possible time to do so. And this is only one aspect.

Lack of information carriers, not exhaustive preparation of the project not all the problems of innovations of the Ministry of Infrastructure. But the result is the same – our carriers in January, when traditionally there are no problems with the quota, there is no shortage of resolutions made at five thousand two trips is less than in 2019. It – 38 million-payment to the budget, 23 million in lost wages of the drivers.

To make a long-distance when you don’t get a salary, I think, particularly telling is not necessary. They go to Poland, Romania, the Baltic States, and that is where they earn, not ours. Here, that brought the experiment of the government.

You approached the government?

We spoke to the relevant Minister, in Ukrtransagent. Meetings were held, but they in what have not resulted.

So you decide to protest?

We held a Council of carriers, elected a strike Committee, and published his appeal to the Prime Minister and the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure. 12 Feb began a precautionary action.

In your requirements it was about solving the problem with kilometer-long queues at checkpoints. They were formed in what context?

Issued new permits for transport work, and all carriers March go to the border. And there they stand two or three days and waiting for confirmation. Here’s how it works.

That is, you strongly against innovation?

No, we are not against the principle of the experiment the distribution of permits. But you need to bring everything to perfection.

By the way, I’m now writing a response to the statement by the Prime Minister. He accused the Association of carriers in the gray scheme of allocation of permits and quotas. Supposedly all decided money, and now the process will be open and transparent. That is, he has no idea who gives out the work permit carriers. According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 929 of 2011, this deals exclusively Ukrtransagent. Turns out, the Prime Minister either deliberately offends people, either due to their incompetence. Association user of services and achieve equity in this area.

Many drivers at the rally said that the new system is a “grey” scheme. Those who have booked a surplus of permits, then sell it. Is that so?

It’s true. Of 864 permits, which were immediately booked, and with a large surplus, after 15 days none of them returned to the electronic basket. So they were someone somehow distributed. There is the work of a specific schema. People zabombit me that the company calls, he says, it’s not. Resolution “float” in an unknown direction…

You talked about this in negotiations with the Minister?

The Minister with our claim agreed as to the fact that the new system of mass defects. But he is against the proposed quota system. Allegedly, this principle only on hand of major carriers. But for the Association 63 per cent to up to 10 machines (all 3200 companies). And quotas are needed. Got them, and safely operate.

It did not previously worked scheme for the issuance of permits for transportation? Drivers even sounded, how much it costs.

Indeed, the violations were. Especially in Lviv issuing permits. Were there detentions, and searches. Was caught by officials on bribes. I personally appealed to the Prosecutor, and to NABOO to deal with the corruption cases. Was necessary a strict control of this sphere. And even better – to introduce quotas, for which we are fighting. And this is the principle and Poland, and the Baltic States. This allows enterprises to plan their work. By the way, the Polish delegation of transporters, who came to us recommended to learn from their experience, to bring order in the industry, and even instead offered to increase the quota. But we didn’t go that way. Although, after the operating time enhancements of the new system, maybe something happened.

The campaign was launched with the demand to fire the main part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ukrtransagent. How about now?

We said this to the Prime Minister. Now let’s see what will happen next.

How will engage in dialogue with the Ministry in the future?

The Association elected to the Council, which represented all the regions. We have acquired a number of its proposals. Overall, agreed with the principle reservation, which is already running. We were promised that the problem will be engaged in a Ministerial Commission, composed of our representatives. All in about two weeks. After all, permission already booked until April 1.

You said that addressed the Cabinet on the eve of the introduction of electronic system of issuing permits for transport, appealed after the start of the new system, but you didn’t hear. As a result of the protest. And if something now goes wrong?

We again have to protest, we just will not work. But will their actions smarter.

What do you mean?

For example, on February 12 in Kiev, we are lucky people taking part in the action, the food that they could eat. But in the Obolon police took our car to the tow platform and threw away all of the cars. We’ll deal with it.

Many participants said that they directly approached the police and with threats demanded to remove cars from the roads.

It’s the truth. Cars gathered at 10 am in Kiev, and everyone had to drive to the city with their route, without disturbing anyone. Everything was clearly itemized. Not our action blocked traffic, it is the job of the police, she blocked the passage of several machines at the same time that provoked traffic jams. There are photo-recorded evidence. Everything we want to publicly tell the residents of Kiev.

And finally. To exclude the resumption of stocks is not?


Nana Black

Глава АсМАП Леонид Костюченко: Если власти не урегулируют работу международных перевозчиков, мы будем вынуждены снова протестовать

Глава АсМАП Леонид Костюченко: Если власти не урегулируют работу международных перевозчиков, мы будем вынуждены снова протестовать

Глава АсМАП Леонид Костюченко: Если власти не урегулируют работу международных перевозчиков, мы будем вынуждены снова протестовать

Глава АсМАП Леонид Костюченко: Если власти не урегулируют работу международных перевозчиков, мы будем вынуждены снова протестовать

Глава АсМАП Леонид Костюченко: Если власти не урегулируют работу международных перевозчиков, мы будем вынуждены снова протестовать