The head of the brand denied the rumors about the release of crossover Bugatti

Глава марки опроверг cлухи о выпуске кроссовера Bugatti

Bugatti will not be releasing the SUV. Rumors about the appearance of this model was disproved by the head of the brand Stephan Winkelmann.

“Bugatti will never be SUV, – said a top Manager. – This model will not bring anything good neither the brand nor its history.”

However, in 2019 – the year of celebration of the 110th anniversary of the brand Bugatti is the manufacturer promises “a few surprises”, including the presentation of the “future models”. Any information about these cars yet.

In autumn last year, Winkelmann in an interview with reporters, said that from a financial point of view, the marches, on the contrary, would be more useful is the SUV. He also confirmed that the next Bugatti model will be quite different from Divo and Chiron. Now the brand is considering several options types of the body with reference to regional demand, changing preferences and pricing.

Earlier in the Internet also leaked alleged photos of the Bugatti sedan, which saw in the Parking lot of the design centre of the brand in Wolfsburg. In 2017 the possibility of such machines in the line of the French brand confirmed the then President of the company Wolfgang Durheimer.

The SUV appeared in the brand Lamborghini, and Ferrari coupe debuts in late 2019-early 2020. Previously from the release of such models refused McLaren.