The head of the company Oppo has questioned the credibility of the resource DxOMark

Руководитель компании Oppo поставил под сомнение авторитетность ресурса DxOMark

During the announcement of the new smartphone manufacturers often refer to the camera reviews popular portal DxOMark, not the Chinese company Oppo. None of the devices of the brand did not participate in the tests of the resource and Vice-President Brian Schoen, the company explained the decision.

As reported 4PDA, in correspondence with users of social network Weibo Brian Shen has questioned the significance of the DxOMark tests.

He said that there is no need to set a certain standard when it comes to cameras in smartphones. Shen also asked the fans whether to configure each camera for one specific standard.

Руководитель компании Oppo поставил под сомнение авторитетность ресурса DxOMark

The actual rating DxOMark

You really need DxO? All cameras must be configured to the same standard? I mean that might be needed in the rating agencies, but whether that something so subjective as a photograph, conformed to one standard? Whether to decorate with all one style?
– I wrote to the Vice-President of Oppo.

Partially Brian Shen right: you cannot judge the quality of the camera smartphone only to assess, but in this case in the reviews DxOMark always have a detailed result for each parameter of shooting of each device tested.

What is DxOMark?
This is a site where experts evaluate and form ratings of image quality for standalone cameras, lenses and mobile devices. Resource founded in 2008, and beliefs themselves experts, they carry out “an independent assessment of devices.”

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