The head of the German foreign Ministry called “Nord stream-2” only reasonable project

Глава МИД ФРГ назвал "Северный поток-2" исключительно разумным проектом

Heiko Mas defended the new pipeline, calling it very important for Germany and Europe. Sergey Lavrov expressed Russia’s willingness to negotiate on the conservation of gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine.

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Wt (Heiko Maas) defended the construction of a controversial gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, noting its importance not only for Germany but for all Europe. “This economic project economic project in the energy sector, which, from our point of view, eminently reasonable, not only for Germany but also for Europe”, – he said at a joint press conference following talks with foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov in königswinter near Bonn on Thursday, July 18.

Wt rejected concerns that because of the “Nord stream-2” will be possible to refuse of Russian gas transit to Europe through Ukrainian pipelines, and Ukraine will be vulnerable to blackmail. “We do not believe this is a fair argument, because the Federal government has for many years trying to save the transit of gas through Ukraine”, – said the German Minister.

Storage conditions of transit through Ukraine

Sergey Lavrov also stressed purely commercial nature of the project “Northern stream-2”. However, he expressed Moscow’s willingness to negotiate with Kiev on maintaining the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine “on sound and actionable terms.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) repeatedly stressed that it will insist on the preservation of transit of gas through Ukraine.

The gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” built by Russian and European companies, under the leadership of the Russian concern “Gazprom”. A member of the project is “daughter” German concern BASF – Wintershall. A number of European countries expressed doubts about the construction of “Nord stream-2”, believing that Europe would fall into even greater dependence on Russian gas.