The head of the Ministry of energy believes that the major SES will lead to growth of tariffs for the population

Глава Укрэнерго считает, что крупные СЭС приведут к росту тарифов для населения

Vsevolod Kovalchuk, head of Ukrenergo, critically commented on the opening of the Nikopol SES, stating that such stations create competition for nuclear power plants and lead to growth of tariffs for the population.

Chapter Ukrenergo said that the sun shines for hours and irregularly throughout the year – equivalent full-power station about 15% of the time per year. The difference in generation in winter and a summer day can reach dozens of times, according to Electrovette.

The lack of accountability for the unbalance VES and SES together with the low predictability of insolation lead to huge deviations fact the generation of the plan, in separate hours to 95%, and in the whole country of about 40%.

Kovalchuk stressed that SES 200 MW need to be kept “hot” reserve of 80-160 MW, i.e., decrease electricity generation at thermal power plants, but not off the blocks. Legacy of Ukrainian thermal power plants this means that for a stable energy supply in tandem with SES 200 MW should work 1.2-2 block thermal power plant of 200 MW. According to officials, the construction of the Nikopol SES will allow to increase electricity production at Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP power (also owned by DTEK) in the most expensive maneuverable modes.

Therefore, the development of renewable energy sources in Ukraine do not create competition for TPP and NPP. To solve this problem, it is necessary that the Ministry of energy has approved the government’s decision the order of the auctions for the creation of new generating capacities and methods of demand management, as required by the law on the electricity market.

Also an urgent need, according to Kovalchuk, to pass a law about auctions instead of “green” tariffs, because “one of the poorest countries of Europe pays the highest price for clean electricity”.

Clean renewable energy 100% correct goal for the whole world. But not such methods, as we have in the country, finished his post Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

During his speech at Cisolar 2019 Vsevolod Kovalchuk also voiced his concern over the imbalance in the development of renewable energy sources in Ukraine and outlined the risks for the integration of “green” power in the grid. And before the speech of the representative of DTEK demonstratively left the stage.