The head of the Odessa branch of ASPU Tkachuk involved in corruption with hotboxing in port – Leshchenko

Глава одесского филиала АМПУ Ткачук причастен к коррупции с госбуксирами в порту - Лещенко

The leaders of the Odessa sea trade port (OSTP), in particular the head of the Odessa branch of ASPU Igor Tkachuk, engaged in fraud with government tugs, causing the port state and the state large losses.

This was stated by people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Leshchenko on air “24 channel” in the program “an Honest politician Sergei Leshchenko”.

“The port of Odessa is immersed in corruption. Since the advent of the “Vinnytsia looking” there is reduced turnover, income and profit. But at the same time increase the wages of management,” – said Leshchenko.

The most important thing in the Telegram

He stressed that the corruption scheme with hotboxing involved personally by the head of the Odessa branch of ASPU Igor Tkachuk, a former Deputy of the Vinnytsia city Council. The MP stressed that the appointment Tkachuk to senior positions of the Odessa port became possible due to “the high protector” – the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“The main flow of money in the port of Odessa is tugs. Three years ago, he Tkachuk said that the Navy provides 90% of the profits of state-owned enterprises and gives $15 million a year. But it’s simple: if the state has money, then they should razdelyvanie,” – said the Deputy.

Leshchenko recalled that the port of Odessa went to an unknown private company “Ekoflot”, which was to provide towing services with fleet, leased from the port of Odessa at significantly lower rates.

“Wages, rent accounted for the company no more than $400, whereas the market value is twice as much. For posting one ship need on average three hours and two tow. Thus, a towing operation of this little-known company “Ekoflot” cost a paltry $2.4 thousand, while the owners pay for the operation a minimum of $10 thousand out of the blue loss of the state only one tow wiring – $7,5 thousand”, – explained the Deputy.

The MP said that currently the company “Ekoflot” was substituted by another little-known private entity – “Prime Agency”, one of the founders of which is the nephew of Igor Tkachuk. He reminded that the scheme with tugs in the port of Odessa not so long ago provoked an international scandal: Turkish ship six hours, kept near the entrance of the port until the owner agreed to cooperate with the “correct” towing firm.

Do Vinnytsia team of the Odessa sea port after Groisman?

“Evil tongues say that partner Vinnitsa looking at the ports is Andrew Marisov. He is a citizen of Russia, according to the media, he is banned entry in Ukraine, but it works quite well in Odessa,” – said Leshchenko.

The MP also urged “to stop this shameless enrichment”, which is only possible by restart of power is now in the parliamentary elections, because Parliament forms the government, and then appoints Ministers, “criminal competencies which are “looking”.

As previously reported, the Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region in the spring of 2018 opened criminal proceedings against the Directors of OSTP for OOO “Ekoflot”. However, official statements on the investigation since then was not.

On 11 February this year, under the office of ASD in Odessa, held a rally of workers of port and civil society activists who protested against the “towing mafia” and companies Marisova.

In March the security Service of Ukraine conducted searches in the Odessa offices of the companies associated with Andrew Marsovin. Searches authorized the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev by its decision dated 23 January 2019 on charges of financing terrorism and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.