The head of the patrol police of the Donetsk region dismissed

Глава патрульной полиции Донецкой области отстранен от должности

The head of the patrol police of Mariupol Mikhail Vershinin removed from office. In his defense, is the asset of the city.

This became known from the open letter, published on the Internet.

In early July, in the management of patrol police in Mariupol took place the large searches and detentions. Caught the commander of the platoon the tactical / operational response (TOR), two of his subordinates and police out of control police patrol in the Donetsk region. They are accused of “racketeering” trade in narcotic drugs, kidnapping, abuse of power and extortion of money.

Also in the course of investigative and operational action in the offices of the police had discovered weapons and grenades.

As it became known today, in view of these developments, from office was dismissed by the head of the patrol police of the Donetsk region Mikhail Vershinin. However, in his defense, made by active citizens of the city. Activists, volunteers, soldiers write posts in social networks in support of Vershinin, and drew up a letter to the head of Department of Patrol police of Ukraine Yevgeny Alexandrovich Zhukov, which please return Mikhail Vershinin for the position.

“The society of the city is concerned about the possibility of removing Mr. Vershinin. Since his removal, the situation in the city has escalated significantly increased the number of crimes, the city streets have become more dangerous: burning cars, mining, attacks, accidents and crimes motivated by hatred.

We believe that such action is very similar to the discrediting of the police patrol in the region with the risk of further destabilization of the situation in the frontline town, but still in the pre-election period. Please restore Mr. Vershinin in the position of head of patrol police of Mariupol”, – stated in the letter.

At the moment the document was signed by more than 300 people.

The situation for himself 0629 commented Mikhail Vershinin.

“My suspension is an absolutely legitimate action, as the events of “Thor” should be investigated. Always in such cases to suspend the head.

And if during the audit find violations in the work of the head, which led to such events, then Yes, he may be subject to disciplinary or criminal punishment”, – said Mikhail Vershinin and said his fate depends on the results of the check.

As for the support of Mariupol, he said that did not expect this and it gives him strength.

Глава патрульной полиции Донецкой области отстранен от должности