The head of the state called the most successful Ukrainian films 2018

Глава Госкино назвал самые успешные украинские фильмы 2018 года

Last year most grossing films created with the support of the State Agency for the movie, were “Kidnapped Princess”, “Mad wedding” and “I, You, He, She”.

“I, You, He, She” in 2019, has set a new box office record for a Ukrainian movie and continues to install it every day. As the car continues on a final figure too early. We very much hope that it will be repaid, and it will be a precedent, which first occurred last year when the film was created with the support of the state, “a Mad marriage”, fully paid us back the funds that were taken, and even made a profit,” said Ilyenko.

He also recalled that the films supported by the state Committee for cinematography was presented last year at seven international film festivals “A” class, where he received awards.

“I don’t think the number of awards, each award has its own weight. But obviously the biggest hits of the festival was the film by Sergei Loznitsa “Donbass”, Roman Bondarchuk “Volcano” and Marysia nikitiuk, “When a tree falls”. They participated in a large number of festivals and received prestigious awards. “Volcano” will be released in April of this year, and this is one of my personally most anticipated premieres,” said Ilyenko.

The head of state added that the main feature of last year was the variety of genres.

“Very different movies. The year began with the “Cyborg”, although in the rental they went out in 2017, but actively was in theaters in 2018. Then great attention was attracted by the animated film “the Stolen Princess”, the Comedy “crazy wedding”. But I believe that there are a number of underserved genres, and our task is to fill all the niches… this year with the support of the state we will have Ukrainian horror, in March the musical “Gutsulka Ksenya”. A Christmas story first came out last year and showed the great need for such content,” said Ilyenko.