The head of the U.S. justice Department today plans to publish the full findings of the report of spectracolor Muller

Глава Минюста США планирует сегодня опубликовать полные выводы доклада спецпрокурора Мюллера

The Minister of justice, U.S. attorney General William Barr intends to publish the key provisions of the final report of spectracolor Robert Mueller, who completed an investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016, on Saturday evening, and uncut. This was reported by Fox News, citing a source in the administration of President Donald trump.

The source noted that Barr is going to present main findings of the report “uncut” and softening formulations. “The attorney General wants everyone to come out tonight”, – quotes the channel of a employee of the White house. “You will learn about what you all think. There will be no selection of words and no tricks,” added the source, adding, however, that certain procedural aspects can lead to the postponement of the publication of the main provisions of the report.

According to the channel, it can happen 3-5 hours.

On Friday, the Democrats called for disclosure of outcome of investigation Mueller, who completed nearly two years of proceedings on the allegations of Moscow’s influence on the political processes in the United States. Report on the proceedings, which had been overseen by the American public, passed the Barr. The Minister of justice informed the us lawmakers that has already begun reviewing the report and will likely inform them “about the key findings of spectracolor already this weekend.”

US intelligence agencies are accused of interference in the American electoral process in 2016, Russia. Trump, winning in 2016, and his aides have repeatedly rejected suspicions of any improper contacts with officials of Russia during the election campaign.