The headmaster came up with an original way to distract children from the gadgets (video)

Директор школы придумал оригинальный способ отвлечь детей от гаджетов (видео)

In one school the Chinese province of Linyi children, teachers and the Director of dance for every big break. I think that it has a good effect on the health and academic performance of students.

The principal of the school 40-year-old Zheng Pengfei decided to accustom children to a healthy lifestyle by example.

He believes that it is better to let children dance, than look in the smartphones. In Chinese schools charging compulsory. But the kids don’t like boring repetitive movement without music. Therefore, Zheng Pengfei decided to approach the problem creatively. It was inspired by Amateur dance group that performed on the square in his hometown.

The children liked the idea of the Director. They come on at the break.

Clip from dance supply, is located in the Chinese social network, Weibo for a few days, had 250 million hits.