The healing fountain, the unknown dungeon, ghosts of admirals – what is it, the mystical side of Nikolaev

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Every city is famous for its mystical side: ghosts, legends, mysterious places. It’s all part of the story. Stories passed from mouth to mouth, often changing form, but the essence remains the same. Thanks to the legends, you can learn your city better. Ghost stories beckon…

Nikolaev – the city of two rivers. City of brides and ships. What secrets it hides. If there are any ghosts in the streets, which go citizens?

What it is the mystical side of Nikolaev?..

Epiphany fountain

The Epiphany is a historic district in the Ship district of the city. During the Soviet Union it was renamed in October, however, with the advent of de-communization regained its former name. And there is the Epiphany of the fountain, which will be discussed.

For a very long time, how many remembers itself of humanity, there is a supply of clear cold water, which is called Epiphany. Because of the source became known as old settlement the Rifle Epiphany. The name is associated with the onset of God on this land to people who did not have good water.

And He banged his staff on the ground and in the place appeared a source – such a treasure gift for all ages. The miracle of the water was unusual – it was regarded as a divine manifestation, the Saint“.

Water had healing properties, especially for those who had vision problems, for it came from different cities.

Tell that under that source, and under all of the Youth Park, there are the so-called Turkish moves-the tunnels. Many locals had told me that he was there, but now it is impossible to install because the moves are blocked, clogged up“.

At the end of the XVIII century on the source of the Epiphany built the fountain. In the center of the fountain was a cylinder, on which was depicted the patrons of the water. Icons and stories on religious topics, located on the cylinder of the fountain, of course, played their role: they were the real charms of water.

But it did not protect the fountain from human barbarism. During the repair of the fountain in 1936, doves and angels with saints have been painted with blue paint. But a miracle happened: the icons were bleed through oil paint. The fountain itself, which is called Turkish, was designed originally. He was in the pit, lined with stone, which were two of the descent of stone stairs. The water came out under pressure through the pipe. Besides Potemkin, by order of which was built this fountain, so smashed in the Park channels, which according to timers, it sailed in Golden boats.

Also, according to one of the old-timers of the area, the Youth Park is very extensive system of underground tunnels, one of which – the Royal gates holding back the water. And if them to open, then flooded the whole Rifle.

On materials of the Nikolaev library.

The story of a drunken Greek

In Nikolaev also has ghosts. Ghosts live in every district of the city. Now we will go on a drunken Greek who killed the alcohol. The story is romantic, but with an unhappy ending. At the end of the last century came to Nikolaev for grain Turkish felucca, moored for loading in the sea port. The team went ashore to rest. A favorite destination of sailors were portside tavern.

A Turkish felucca captain was an old Greek, and his nephew was a sailor. On the shore met young Greek with a beautiful girl – the daughter of the tavern owner by the name charitina,. Young fell in love with each other and decided to get married. Father Haritini consent to marriage given, but put a condition on the wedding should certainly be the groom’s parents. The captain of the felucca assured that the next flight will bring matchmakers, and he will be a guest at the wedding.

The ship has finished loading, before going to the boat, went ashore last evening there were, of course, without a drink. When the young Greek, saying goodbye to the bride, was returning to the ship, the mates, the former already quite tipsy, and brought him to the tavern. And there went: for health, for brother, for friend, so much had accumulated a sailor’s tale, and the dock under my feet shaking came when he returned the crowd at his door. Got off the berth and started in the darkness to move from ship to ship, getting to his boat. From the aftershocks for a moment there went aboard, fell tipsy young man in a black slit and emerge did not – the court again closed. Gathered sailors from all ships, schooners, boats, Brigantine, who stood at the port. Before dawn they dived into the dark water, groping hooks and only in the morning stretched fishing net guy, of course, not living things. The captain put down the body of his nephew in a bag of salt and carried it home across the sea.

Poor haritina so much grieved, so grieved for her fiancé that his father, fearing for common sense daughter, decided as soon as possible to marry her. The girl in despair to the father’s will did not resist. Within forty days from that tragic night, in the tavern were married, with haritina for customs. When the young were about to go home from the wedding, on the threshold of the tavern appeared in front of them a Ghost, which was out of a drowned guy. Scared is not a joke and the guests, and young, but nothing wrong with that, except for fear, never happened.

After father sold Haritini tavern and moved to Kherson, the young couple settled on the Old Watering place, away from the port. Descendants of them still live in the area.

According to the materials Tour Desk Gracheva.

Nikolaev catacombs

Dungeons… This enigmatic and mysterious world least explored by man, but it attracts not only scientists but also ordinary adventurers and romantics. Dungeons could serve as a refuge, house or temple. There are many mysteries and legends about the dungeons, some of the information on them is still hidden in the archives. Famous stories in ancient times went underground people – Chud used there, staying to live and today.

Legend of kilometers of underground tunnels connecting large cities such as Kiev – Smolensk and Novgorod, Nikolaev, Kherson and Ochakov. As for the Nikolaev catacombs, they also have not fully explored and are not open to tourist routes.

There is an interesting story about the tunnel leading from the area of the sea port and leading to the fork, the walls of which are carved sarcophagi. They supposedly preserved remains of people in armor and weapons; on one wall is lined with a yellow metal three characters, one of which is similar to the Hebrew letter “Shin”, indicating the primary fire. Another story about the tunnel leading to the oval room, lined with marble, where the stone pillars stands a stone table with a length of 20 meters, and the walls dotted with incomprehensible inscriptions. There is also information about the hall with “inscriptions in an incomprehensible Russian language” in the area of the Dry fountain. What could it be?

The catacombs are all signs of paranormal phenomena: there are legends and stories of eyewitnesses, there are facts which are not amenable to unambiguous interpretation, and there is no direct and indisputable evidence. Documents disappear into the depths of the archives, key witnesses cannot be found, and in the end all attempts to penetrate the tunnels are broken for various reasons.

However, to treat this topic, however, and like any other, standing in a row of students of the paranormal, it should be with no small degree of irony, otherwise it may be mental health.

According to the materials around the world.

The legend of Admiral

Nikolaev – city admirals. Here were born, have served and found his final solace dozens of famous naval commanders and navigators of the past. Among them Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, Mikhail Lazarev, Greig, Arkas, Makarov, and many other well-known, and often has, unfortunately, long forgotten Nikolaev Admiral, made his biographies unique history of our city. So bring the admirals were common. In Nikolaev the Ghost of the Admiral is most often found on Admiralskaya street, near Cathedral square.

The Ghost narrated in the article Anatoly Lazarev.

The man writes that for the first time managed to see the Admiral in the early 50-ies. Like many of the Nikolaev boys of those years, he was fond of sailing, summer went as cabin boy on the yacht. At that time, “the Seagull” returned to the yacht club quite late, about midnight. Was calm, so late in the day for four to five yachts of various classes, including the beauty “of Corega” mahogany. Raking oars, pushing with the poles came to “barrels”. In the silence of the night was clearly heard all the creaks, conversations. Suddenly he heard excited voices: “look, Look, Admiral!”.

All paid views illuminated by the dim light of the balcony, where stood the chief of the yacht club uncle Peter. Beside him stood a ghostly human figure, which fluctuated slightly, dimly shone. Yachts steel “barrels”, they were approached by yacht klubovskiy “doggy” (a small boat), adult sailors went to shore on it, the boys jumped into the warm water and swam. While sailing, the bright figure of the Ghost stood on the balcony, “he writes.

A second meeting was much brighter and occurred 30 years later. Then the man was out late on the River and was returning home on Ingulsky descent near the old walls of the shipyard. Suddenly from the opposite wall, where once was the stone steps that led into the square to the memorial to soldiers-liberators, came the ghostly figure of a man of about fifty. He was dressed in the costume of the time of Catherine II: wig, cocked hat, shoes with buckles, without a sword in his hand – the stick on his uniform glittered buttons, but orders were not. Through visible walls. The visibility was very clear. Light step Ghost passed by, and I breathed the air wave, says Anatoly.

At first I was dumbfounded, my legs became heavy and stays glued to the pavement, but when the Ghost walked past me, I remembered that I can do something with energy and decided to stop him. Admiral turned, accusingly shook her head and quietly began to move away, and I immediately had no desire to affect it. Scary does not become, simply have no desire to communicate with him. I still left feeling like a Ghost was controlling me telepathically and knew in advance what I want to do. On “Admiral” took place in the direction of the shelter, which previously was a rope warehouse, and disappeared in the wall near Navy Boulevard” – says the author.

Nikolaev is teeming with legends, and maybe even now, the citizen sees a Ghost hovering over BAM or the bride at the Dry fountain…

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева

Целебный фонтан, непознанные подземелья, призраки адмиралов - какая она, мистическая сторона Николаева