The heating season in Ukraine was in jeopardy

Отопительный сезон в Украине оказался под угрозой срыва

The heating season in Ukraine was under threat because of the claim to private company “Ukrtransgaz”, in which the latter arrested all accounts and assets. About this on its website warned the press service of the subsidiary company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”.

The plaintiff in the present proceedings was made by financial company “fin-invest”, which “Ukrenergosbyt” sold with the right to demand “Ukrtransgaz” to fulfill the obligations for the supply of gas.

It appeals to the decision of Arbitration court of Kiev from 2007. As explained in the “Ukrtransgaz”, then the court is obliged to supply the customer with JSC “Ukrenergosbyt” 305 million cubic meters of natural gas. But the cost of the party in the decision was not mentioned, and since the plaintiff was not engaged in the recovery of gas.

However “fin-invest” on 9 January 2020, have achieved victory in the commercial court of Kiev, which changed the order of execution of the decision. Instead of gas supplies, he ordered the “daughter” of “Naftogaz” to pay 2.3 billion hryvnia.

The company considered that the requirements of “fin-invest” inappropriate and are signs of fraud, and then turned to the investigating authorities. The company warned that the blocking of funds and their possible expenditure may prevent it is to manage gas storage facilities, and interact with the operator of Ukraine’s GTS.

Note, in 2020 the company has lost the status of the operator GTS of Ukraine, these functions transferred to an independent company. The decision was made to comply with the European regulations. It allowed “Naftogaz” to achieve five-year contract with Gazprom on gas transit to Europe with guaranteed throughput.