The heir to the announcement of the roguelike Rogue Legacy 2

Наследник на подходе - анонс «рогалика» Rogue Legacy 2

In the night from 1st on 2 APR Studio CellarDoorGames titerite beginning to “tweet” the announcement of Rogue Legacy 2 – the continuation of a two-dimensional roguelike 2013. Fortunately, the teaser turned into a joke in honor of April fool’s Day: the developers introduced the game.

Details are the bare minimum. Judging by the first screenshots, the graphics of the game became a lot more detailed than in the original. Is still in the mechanics of heirs after the death of your character you start the game for his child with its own characteristics. Music is written by composers of the first part.

Where will the game – is unknown. The original looked at all relevant platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

More information the developers promise to reveal in the coming days.