The heirs of “Dolly the sheep”

Наследники "овечки Долли"

In China, first cloned monkey by transfer of a somatic cell. Exactly the same method in 1996 was cloned from the famous “Dolly the sheep”, said the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Macaque Junjun and hoihoi got their names from the Chinese word Zhonghua, meaning the Chinese people, as a sign of the national importance of this event. Age of kids to date is six to eight weeks. Before the birth of this pair of scientists have failed to clone monkeys in this method, the body of the primates resisted the transfer of a somatic cell. To cope with the problem allowed the experiments conducted for three years.

“Cloning primates such will provide impetus for medical research, necessary for the treatment of human diseases. Chinese scientists conducted the study can be called truly innovative,” said President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In the coming months in China awaiting the birth of a new batch of cloned monkeys.

To date, scientists have cloned more than 20 different types of animals including dogs, pigs and cats. Cloning primates is considered to be the most difficult task.

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