The heroes of the great Patriotic war will be sent to the “territory of terror”

Героев Великой Отечественной отправят в «территорию террора»

In Lviv began preparatory work to dismantle the 30-meter high stele of the “Monument of Glory”.

This was reported in the story of the Ukrainian TV channel “Direct” correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“In Lviv began to demolish Soviet monument “Monument of glory”. Climbers carefully remove the slabs of granite and bas-relief. All of this should pass to the Museum “Territory of terror”. The last two decades behind the complex, nobody watched, so the stele has become an emergency and immediately falls under demolition. To dismantle the symbol of the Soviet plan for the month and work will cost the authorities in 300 thousand hryvnias.

The monument stood in the center of the city for more than 50 years. He is from stelae and statues of soldiers and the Motherland. A year ago, local authorities decided to demolish the monument”, – said the presenter.

“As a result of research it was found that the highest stele in the city is an emergency. The problem that began to settle the plate on which it stood, including, plates of which paved the monument began to crumble,” said Deputy mayor of Lviv on the development of Moskalenko.