The hijacker Surgut-Moscow can be the intelligence officer

Угонщик самолета Сургут-Москва может быть сотрудником спецслужб

41-year-old Pavel Shapovalov, 22 Jan tried to hijack Aeroflot flight from Surgut to Moscow and to send the aircraft to Afghanistan, may be an employee of the security services. About this, citing unnamed sources in the U.S., reported today by some media.

In favor of this version say a lot of facts, one of which is including a large inconsistency and contradictions of the official picture of what happened, which was presented by the investigating authorities. So, initially, it was stated that Pavel Shapovalov was on Board the aircraft in a condition of alcoholic intoxication and tried to force his way into the cockpit.

However, this version was soon contradicted by the flight attendants, who said that the man was sober. This was confirmed and made examination revealed no presence in his blood no alcohol, no drugs.

Were also noticed other oddities, namely the “artificial personality” Shapovalov, who at 41 was not a close friends or co-workers, no classmates, and only a few relatives with whom he barely communicated. The hijacker reportedly was convicted of bringing harm to other people’s property, but about the victims and about the circumstances of the case are not known absolutely nothing.

These circumstances have led some analysts to pay attention to the similarity Shapovalov “Petrov and Bocharovym”, which became involved in last year’s spy scandal.

Another indirect confirmation “of liepavoti” car thief, and can serve as the fact that after the announcement of his claims, he behaved quite passively and absolutely did nothing, preferring to observe what is happening and to act without interfering with flight attendants, pilots and intelligence personnel. In the context of all of these oddities occurred really starts to look more like exercises than real attempt of hijacking.