The “hole” or “drop”: what is the design of smartphone display more users to enjoy

"Дыра" или "капля": какой дизайн дисплея смартфона больше нравится пользователям

Smartphones with teardrop cutouts and holes for selfie-camera displays have become the mainstream. Xiaomi company decided to conduct a survey among users to determine their preferences regarding the method of placing front facing cameras.

The results of the survey. As reported by Ithome, Vice President and head of Xiaomi brand Redmi Liu Weibin spent in the network poll – which version of display a user would like to see in their smartphones.

The choice he offered three options: a keyhole, a hole in the screen or pull out the camera.

It turned out that embedded in the display camera want to see no more than 10% of users, and for the “drop” voted for 16.9% of the respondents. The vast majority of the votes received the version with the extendable selfie-module – 71.0 per cent or 5,200.

"Дыра" или "капля": какой дизайн дисплея смартфона больше нравится пользователям

The results of the survey

Redmi Note 8 Pro will get a different design? Early leaks have already demonstrated that the Redmi Note 8 Pro get keyhole to frontally. Perhaps the company will take into account the opinion of users to create the next model of the popular line of smartphones.

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