The holiday of Ivan Kupala: what not to do in this day all the signs

Праздник Ивана Купала: что нельзя делать в этот день, все приметы

On the night of Ivan Kupala was made to jump into the fire and swim

What a holiday today. July 7, 2020 Ukraine celebrated the Day of Ivan Kupala. It is dedicated to the highest flourishing of nature. Of particular importance is the night before the feast, connected with it, a lot of ancient traditions and customs.

Midsummer is an ancient festival. It has two dates: the first, old style – June 20-22, and this time the festival was celebrated even by the Gentiles. After the advent of Christianity, the feast was celebrated in the night of 6 to 7 July. In Ukraine, this holiday coincides with one of the major Orthodox feasts – the Nativity of John the Baptist.

Major signs of this day

– Believed that all the water this day finds healing properties.

– It was believed that bathing in the river, pond or lake on Midsummer’s day will help get rid of all diseases.

Women washed in the morning dew to retain youth and attractiveness. Men to become fitter and stronger.

– If you drink water in the morning scored from a well, can be purified from evil thoughts and find peace of mind.

– In Russia have been circulated of mass bathing on this day. If you do not take part in them, we can resign ourselves to the sorrows and loneliness.

– Believed that the person who dared to jump through the flames, happiness and success for the year until the next Midsummer.

– If the fire jumps a young couple holding hands, – they are inseparable until the end of life.

– Believed that leaped through the fire, the woman regained youth and beauty.

– If between two fires kindled in the night of Ivan Kupala, to hold the cattle, the whole year the animals will not get sick.

What not to do in this day

– On the night of 6 to 7 July you can’t sleep. According to ancient beliefs, this night all the evil wakes – witches, snakes, water, mermaids, werewolves.

– During this period, nothing to give, sell, take – all of these processes lead to poverty and loss.

– It is impossible alone to swim, just as the impure force can tighten under the water, even great swimmers. Water should stay away pregnant women, children and the elderly.

– You can’t lift items or money found on the road. They can be zaovalennymi the evil spirit.