The horror behind the “barbed wire”: an investigation of the torture of prisoners of a colony in Zaporozhye region (VIDEO)

Ужасы за «колючкой»: расследование пыток заключенных колонии Запорожской области (ВИДЕО)

Continue investigation of possible atrocities in the Berdyansk penal colony No. 77. We will remind, a month ago, activists of different public associations stunned the Ukrainians allegedly revealed facts of torture, extortion and even rape in this institution.

Their investigations into the human rights activists announced at a press conference, which took place on 19 February. From what the prisoners told human rights defenders is not alone. The video recording demonstrated by the defenders, the young man remembers that newly arrived prisoners, like bags, throw on the snow, stripped naked and forced in the cold to run around the prison grounds, then 500 sit-UPS, then the beating and torture to extort money. Crushed with forceps fingers, the dirty needles under the fingernails, cigarette burns, hammered nails into his feet and many other things that don’t always see even in a horror movie, reports Providensk.

Human rights activists also shocking story of a former soldier, ATO, 23-year-old Alexander, who was raped in Berdyansk colony. They claim this incident happened a year ago. According to the coordinator of the program “Kharkiv human rights group” Andrey Didenko, similar cases in correctional facilities are carefully concealed.

A former fighter received 3 years of imprisonment. He detained the man, in his opinion, the separatists, and gave it to the police, but later found himself in the role of the accused and the defendant.

– After bullying a former fighter wanted to kill herself. He was sent to a closed institution, where there is psychiatric treatment. Now he was free, no rehabilitation he received, none of the crime was not punished. The rapist is released. Now the injured guy home, he is still in serious condition, his mother he calls by name, – has told on a press-conferences Didenko.

Activists insisted on the service check and the freedom to control part of the zone. These statements have responded representatives of the Berdyansk Prosecutor’s office and the investigation began. We told you that on March 4 at the colony took place the visit of the representatives of the working group, composed of physicians, representatives of regulatory bodies and human rights activists. Note, the review was not attended by public activists who were accused of brutality, the prison administration, representatives of the administration in the Commission.

Members of the working group, in the presence of reporters interviewed convicts, who have not confirmed allegations of inhuman conditions of detention Berdyansk wards of the prison. Note, all who communicated with us during the inspection, denied the facts of extortion of money by the representatives of the prison administration or other prisoners.

Inspectors also visited places of detention, the so-called barracks, infirmary, canteen, medical unit. By the way, to the last branch of the human rights defenders had the most claims, including those convicted argued that the drugs they are given – expired. Chief medical of Igor Vanin denied these accusations. In addition, the inspectors personally to view the existing part of the drugs. Also, they had checked the medical record of the patients on the subject of integrity, as heard charges of this document the purpose of concealing the appeals of the convicts.

While reviewing medical records, the inspectors determined that in 2019 in the colony occurred two facts of death and one attempted suicide. Igor Vanin claims that prisoners died as a consequence of chronic diseases – violent death.

Also the State Bureau of investigation checks possible abuses by officials of the Berdyansk penal colony No. 77. As stated on the official website, 26 February 2019 investigators RRG began pre-judicial investigation on signs of the criminal offenses provided by part 2 of article 127 (torture committed by a group of persons), 365, part 2 (abuse of power or office powers employee of law enforcement body), CH. 2 364 (abuse of power or official position), part 2 189 (extortion, perfect repeatedly, or on preliminary arrangement by group of persons or by an official using his official position) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Check in Berdyansk the prison held almost every day – say in Berdyansk local Prosecutor’s office. At the same time, according to law enforcement, one is not officially provided information about the facts of torture and rape in BIK-77.

– On the issue of torture, to date neither the police Department nor the Prosecutor’s office any statements are not received. Regarding the information that circulated in the media and social networks about the rape of a former soldier ATO – also today information is not received, – said on 14 March, the Prosecutor of the Berdyansk Prosecutor’s office Nikolay Vasilyev.

The Prosecutor’s office established the identity of a former soldier of the ATO and the convict is serving a sentence in BIK-77, about whom told human rights activists. As told by Nikolai, the young man had serious health problems and in 2018 he was transferred from Berdyansk the prison to another correctional institution.

After a visit to the colony by human rights defenders and the inspection, prisoners, which, according to the reports of human rights defenders, were allegedly subjected to torture, asked to stop the test. They have addressed with the corresponding statement to the defenders of the prison administration and the Prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutor Nikolay Vasilyev claims that convicted no one from the administration did not exert pressure. And, he said, have not honored made victims of the regime.

Also in Berdyansk Prosecutor’s office denied allegations of unsanitary conditions in the living spaces of the colony and epidemics of various diseases, which earlier said doctors Bondarenko Golovich. By the way, the prosecutors claim that these people never came to them for questioning.

– The initiator of “repainting” of the colony in black is none other than the “good” old “thief in law” Lera-Sumy. Now they are allocated from the common Fund of about 20,000 hryvnias not to undermine the colony, to bribe journalists, the creation of Fund information in the Internet, – wrote in his message Sergey Starenky.

In turn, human rights activists fear that the facts of torture and rape hide, and criminal proceedings want “to hush up”. In his video, they argue that BIC-77 today is a concentration camp. In addition, there is pressure on the wards of the colony and the medical staff. Human rights groups say they have collected enough evidence confirming torture and extortion in the institution, and the case of Berdyansk the prison they will bring to the end.