The hospital Avakov spent more money than 171 reference hospital (INFOGRAPHIC)

На госпиталь Авакова потратили больше денег, чем на 171 опорную больницу (ИНФОГРАФИКА)

Procurement of the Ministry of internal Affairs had more than 14% of all funds spent in Ukraine to combating coronavirus. Subordinate to the Ministry structure of the concluded deals on the 608 million.

This is stated in the investigation Allicance Alexey and Yaroslav Pilipenko for “Dozorro”.

On 29 March, the Government allowed them to buy the necessary to overcome the coronavirus under a simplified procedure – without a public competition. The largest buyer by coronavirus procedure was the interior Ministry, which spent more than 171 base hospital 18 regions.

More than a third of the money 217 million?? UAH. MIA spent to purchase equipment and resources for the subordinate medical institutions serving current and former law enforcement officers. Only the activity of the Central hospital of the Ministry of interior has allocated more than 122 million UAH. funds went to the purchase of tests and personal protective equipment.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of health, subordinate to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the institution are not supporting hospitals: if you detect symptoms of coronavirus disease, law enforcement officers also were hospitalized in other hospitals.

For example, all reference hospitals of Chernivtsi region, which suffered greatly from the epidemic, coronavirus spent on purchases three times in less than one Central hospital of internal Affairs Ministry of 38.3 million.

Central hospital of the interior Ministry in April, according to the simplified procedure for combating COVID-19 signed an agreement with OOO “Dream-medical” about the purchase of ventilators for 51,15 million. After “Our money” found that devices bought a quarter more expensive than other purchasers, the agreement was cancelled because of lack of necessity.

In turn, a Separate commandant of protection and security of the State border service, also subordinated to the Ministry of interior, signed an agreement with LLC “MedGarant” for the purchase of three x-ray machines at 6.4 million UAH. each. On the treatment of journalists in “MedGarant” offered much lower price for the same x – ray 4,6 million UAH./PCs

Almost a quarter of the funds of the Ministry of interior were sent to slave enterprise Fort – 154 million. Before the pandemic “Fort” has specialized in the design and manufacture of firearms and special equipment, and in recent months started to supply imported equipment for personal protection. Thus, the “Fort” in may sold to service Center of the National police units of Ukraine 1800 multiple-masks respirators on 4,7 thousand UAH / piece, although the Central polyclinic of the Ministry of internal Affairs bought respirators for 15% cheaper from the same company.

On March 27, the Central hospital of the Ministry of interior signed an agreement with OOO “Technopolis 15” on procurement of means of protection against coronavirus by 47.32 million. At the same time, the firm was chosen without competition, the cost of funds was more expensive than the procurement of police. After that, the journalists recorded the visit to the Ministry the owner of a network “Eldorado” Viktor Polishchuk, which is associated with and “Technopolis 15”.

Despite spending cuts from other ministries, the interior Ministry ordered the reconstruction of the building of a private hotel in the center of Kiev, it sent more than 37 million?? UAH. Agreement on the results of the tender signed with OOO “SK KBR”, which appears in the criminal proceedings the police about the embezzlement of funds for the capital repair of the library. Also “Our money” recorded the inflated prices of materials at the order last year, the firm fixation of the surgical unit in Kiev. The firm is owned by Dmitry Nesteruk.

We will remind, on June 19, the budget Committee of the Parliament approved the allocation of the Ministry of the Fund for fighting corona virus UAH 2.7 bn. possible resignation of Avakov exhausted

На госпиталь Авакова потратили больше денег, чем на 171 опорную больницу (ИНФОГРАФИКА)

На госпиталь Авакова потратили больше денег, чем на 171 опорную больницу (ИНФОГРАФИКА)

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