“The house-2 Revenge”: Orlov, “threw the network” on business of the former spouse

«Дом-2 Мести»: Орлова «закинула сети» на бизнес экс-супруга

The main weapon in implementing plans leading could be their shared son.

Olga Orlova with Karmanovym’ve been divorced for fifteen years. After separation the child stayed with his mother and unbeknownst to the family generally supported the relationship. But the other men at presenter no, it’s not created just a feeling that she’s hiding something, and maybe preparing to avenge the businessman, who literally broke her vocal career in the “Brilliant”.

But it works star, everything seems to be very carefully and thoughtfully. You notice how she “throws a network” on business of the former spouse. In 2014 Alexander bought the project “House-2” but less than three years, as the TV show has a new producer, and the Pockets are literally left with nothing, at least in show business. Now the reality show “Dom-2” on channel TNT on paper produces a citizen of India Rakesh Kumar Hai. In some incredible way, immediately after leaving ex-wife, the TV presenter of the project is Olga Orlova. One can suspect the artist of “complicity”: it is quite influential to now to break the career of the former. It turned out such a “House-2 Revenge”, behind the scenes, not smaller passion, than in a clearing.

The main weapon of the eagles in taking away business from Alexander could be their shared son Artem who is at least eighteen years. Now he can step in as a full heir, and Olga can already hope that the boy will mom provide selected legal father means.