The hryvnia will be in and out: to sell or buy the currency

Гривна будет в нокауте: продавать или покупать валюту

Four days short because of the Trinity of the working week, the dollar managed three times to change its trend from stable to descending, then ascending. The changes were small, but why did they happen and where will the trend next week, found the website Today.

Our experts – a member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin, Director of Department of Analytics GK Forex club Andrey Shevchishin, the President of Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

What happened to the course of a week

After a stable exchange rate weekend cash dollar on Tuesday rose a penny on Wednesday – even a penny (to 26.74 UAH/USD), on Thursday gave the national currency, the penny, and on Friday “took away” her from the penny – rate rose to 26.78 UAH/USD. Total for the week, from Friday to Friday, the rate of cash sales increased by 6 cents. In buying changes was less – only four pennies on Friday. In the end, the hryvnia remained in forecasted by experts the corridor – 26,5-27 UAH/USD.

Currency exchange offices was wanting to lease or buy it practically not observed.

The rate of the national Bank in four days dropped to 10 cents from 26.70 to 26.60 UAH/USD.

What to expect next week

Experts predict another week of exchange rate stability.

Alexander Okhrimenko says that the revaluation of the hryvnia will continue: “a Small strengthening of the dollar on Friday was situational. Another week course will remain in its current corridor 26,5-27 UAH, but closer to the lower limit of 26.5 UAH per dollar.”

Oleg Pendzin also sure that next week should not expect serious changes of course.

“Corridor 26,5-27,5 USD/dollar will continue not only next week but in the future – predicts Oleg Pendzin. – Contribute to the actions of the national Bank, does not allow a moderate devaluation of the hryvnia in which the economy could recover faster. Such a low rate does not meet the needs of the Ukrainian economy, but lucrative foreign financial speculators. Economic grounds for strengthening the hryvnia is not available”.

Andrew Shevchishin noted that next week the dollar will remain the same – 26,5-27 UAH/USD.

“Tranche received from the IMF had already been incorporated in the current price of the dollar, so its actual receipt at a rate not affected, explained Shevchishin. Large buyers of currency, both residents and non-residents, next week not expected, big sellers too. But even if they do come out on the market, but below the threshold level at 26.5 UAH/USD rate of the national Bank will not lower. Too strong hryvnia hits the exporters, and so suffering from low demand for their products, to revive the economy would have to weaken below 27 hryvnia for one dollar.”

To sell or buy the currency

Experts still say that while a favorable period for purchase of cash currency as means of accumulation. But, as shows the situation of course in the last two months expected income in the next period will not work.