The Hubble telescope has made new incredible photos of Uranus and Neptune

Телескоп Hubble сделал новые невероятные фото Урана и Нептуна

Astronomers were able to take some new pictures of the ice giants Uranus and Neptune. The Hubble telescope managed to capture polar cap of clouds on Uranus and dark storm on Neptune.

New images were obtained with a telescope in the framework of the program OPAL (Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy), in which annual observations of these planets, according to the official Hubble website.

Uranium. At the North pole of Uranus is seen a giant bright area is white, which is called the “polar cap”. It might be a long-term storm and could have formed due to seasonal changes in atmospheric flow. When “Voyager 2” flew past Uranus in 1986, this structure was less noticeable, but on the planet it was winter, while it’s the middle of summer.

Телескоп Hubble сделал новые невероятные фото Урана и Нептуна

The Uranium

Neptune. In the picture of Neptune visible dark anticyclone that appeared in the summer in the southern hemisphere of the planet. This is the fourth anticyclone observed by the telescope.

Two such atmospheric phenomena was discovered by the spacecraft “Voyager 2” in 1989, then was opened a Large dark spot, the diameter of which is only three times smaller than Jupiter hurricane of the Great red spot.

Телескоп Hubble сделал новые невероятные фото Урана и Нептуна

The Neptune

Previously, the telescope already traced the fate of one of these storms. Near dark storm visible bright white cloud companions that are formed during the upward movement of the air stream that meets a vortex, which begins the formation of crystals of methane ice. Similar clouds are formed on Earth over the mountains.

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