The Hubble telescope has recorded an incredible phenomenon: photo

Телескоп Hubble зафиксировал невероятное явление: фото

Hubble space telescope recently photographed a unique phenomenon – the merging pair of galaxies NGC 6052, located in the constellation of Hercules.

Object NGC 6052 has long been known: it was first seen in 1784 by astronomer William Herschel. It is reported Popmech.

True, at first it was thought that the object represents only one galaxy. In the future astronomers have discovered that indeed NGC 6052 is a pair of galaxies that are in the process of merging and will probably form one stable galaxy.

Телескоп Hubble зафиксировал невероятное явление: фото

The Hubble telescope recorded the merger of two galaxies

The project is located in the constellation Hercules, approximately 230 million light-years from Earth.

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