The human brain Matures much later obtain a passport and permission for the purchase of alcohol

Мозг человека взрослеет значительно позже получения паспорта и разрешения на покупку алкоголя

Adult age in a person’s life starts at 30. Scientists have found that our brain continues to grow until this age, informs Bagnet.

In the United States at the age of 16 a person has the right to obtain a driver’s license, and in many countries, including Russia, 18-year-old drafted into the armed forces and allow them to serve in the police. People aged 25 years and consider it suitable to engage in significant positions in the government. But a new study by scientists from Cambridge University have shown that really we become adults only after 30. That is how much the process of growth and formation of our brain. But at 18 he still goes through very significant changes.

The study by researchers from Cambridge showed that in the age of 30 the brain susceptible to all sorts of mental disorders, but their probability is significantly reduced after 30. Thus, according to scientists, the transition from the adolescent stage of youth to adulthood takes a much longer period of time than many thought. However, scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles who was not involved in the study, emphasized that the development of the brain each person is individually. This is the error different kinds of educational institutions, which focus on the training of entire groups of people, not individual students.

The results of this study will be detailed at the International Congress of neurobiologic and neuroscientists, which will be held in Oxford. Here I will discuss serious mental disorders, including schizophrenia. As you know, it stems from complex interactions of genes and environmental influences, and the diagnosis is usually made in late adolescence. The likelihood of developing schizophrenia is much reduced to 30 years. Perhaps this is just due to the completion of the process of formation of the brain.