The humanitarian Committee of the Parliament established a new bill on disinformation

Гуманитарный комитет Рады наработает новый законопроект о дезинформации

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of human and information policy plans to develop a new bill on countering misinformation.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Committee Nikita Poturaev (fraction “servant of the people”) in an interview with “media Detector”.

So, answering the question about whether deputies to return to the development of a bill of misinformation, or you can forget about it, Poturaev said they would.

“But I want to first carefully read the German and French laws that regulate these issues. Although there is information that the French recognized them unconstitutional. The fact is, as I warned from the outset: it would be,” he said.

Currently, the humanitarian Committee has not decided who is going to develop this project: the Ministry of culture or the MPs, or together. Poturaev does not exclude the possibility to share developed by the Ministry of culture Vladimir Borodyansky bill on two projects.

“There is a process. It is important to analyse European developments, see what they want to do. Take the old text of the Borodyansky. In my opinion, there the problem was that, perhaps, it had to be divided into two separate laws. Because there’s a question about information, misinformation and manipulation. Have a question about the activity of journalists (of self, participation in deregulirovanie etc.)”, – he explained.

As reported, the Ministry of culture, youth and sports of Ukraine on 20 January published a draft law on ensuring national information security and the right to access to accurate information, known as the “bill of disinformation.”

The Ministry has invited the participation of media representatives, relevant institutions and social organizations, media experts and media lawyers.

In MKMS stressed that the bill is intended to enforce the right of citizens to have access to accurate and balanced information through the introduction of mechanisms to deal with misinformation in the information space of Ukraine and increase of media literacy of the population in a hybrid Russian aggression.

In late January, the OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir expressed concern about several provisions of the draft law of Ukraine on ensuring national information security and the right to access reliable information.

Eventually, in early March after the resignation of the head of the MKMS Vladimir Borodyansky with the government Alexey Goncharuk work on the bill stalled.

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