The hurricane damaged the roof of the school

Ураган повредил крышу школы

In the Donetsk region hurricane wind tore off the roof of the school in Mirograd. At that time, children in the building was not. After the incident, the public utilities collect the remains of the roof, and the foreman showed the wreckage of corrugated sheets and boards.

“It’s all blown away, here all fell. More than 400 squares of damage, blew the whole roof,” he told the maintenance crew foreman Valery Izyumchenko.

The wreckage of the roof was hanging off the building. They were dismantled by the rescuers. According to local residents, heavy wind here did not abate for almost a day.

“The wind was terrible gusts are certainly creepy. Well, probably it did so, the roof of these well worth, and this flew”, – said a resident of Mirograd Victoria.

And one of the students remembered that, seeing as on land lying roof, very scared.

Despite the collapse of the roof, classes were not canceled, but because the students came to class. Officials promised that promise to patch up the roof so that water would not flow into classes.

“It will be a temporary coating, whether it be the roofing material that we will attach to the roof itself. Whether it be a thick film, in order not to allow moisture to enter the roof”, – said Alexander Brykalov, the mayor of Mirograd.

For whose account it is repaired the roof, say after a technical examination. Now the amount of damage reaches almost half a million hryvnias.