The hurricane Michael: massive destruction

Ураган "Майкл": масштабные разрушения

The number of deaths as a result of hurricane Michael in the US has increased, according to recent reports, up to six people. National center for monitoring hurricanes, now reports that the hurricane weakened to a tropical storm.

In affected disaster areas continue search and rescue operations. In Florida catastrophic damage to the U.S. air force base “Tyndall”. In the resort town of Mexico beach in Bay County has left almost no surviving buildings. Local authorities have asked evacuees not to hurry with the return.

Ураган "Майкл": масштабные разрушения

A resident of Mexico beach Emily Hansen says: “the Consequences are devastating. All our friends lost their homes. All. And they lost their jobs. We decided not to evacuate and remain at home.”

Rose L. says that during hurricane hid in the house with her husband and dog: “In our house broke the window. we tried to cover from wind and rain, but then the house started to shake. so we opened another window to let the air circulate, I think that’s the only thing that saved us, because the air needed to vent”.

In the States of Florida, Alabama and Georgia in the result of the disaster were left without power, a total of more than a million consumers. Operating in these regions a state of emergency, evacuated about 400 thousand people.

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