The IAEA called the cause of the surge of radiation near the borders of Russia

В МАГАТЭ назвали причину всплеска радиации вблизи границ России

The release of radiation could occur because of work on nuclear reactor

Radioactive contamination in Northern Europe near the Russian border may be associated with work on a nuclear reactor. When working on the rector can happen the emission of radiation.

This was stated in the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA).

The Agency believes that the burst of radiation could occur while working with the rector, who works or is in maintenance.

“The geographical origin of the release of radiation has still not been determined”, – stated in the IAEA.

We will remind, last week in the Northern countries of Europe have recorded a burst of radiation. The radioactive spot was hooked, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. The radiation level did not pose a threat to humans.

Note that the radiation leak, as suggested in the Netherlands could happen to Russian nuclear plants, but Moscow denied any involvement.

Additionally, in the past year, a strong release of radiation occurred in Russia from-for explosion on the ground in Severodvinsk.

В МАГАТЭ назвали причину всплеска радиации вблизи границ России