The IAEA has confirmed Iran had exceeded the limit of uranium enrichment

МАГАТЭ подтвердило превышение Ираном лимита обогащения урана

Iran had exceeded the limits of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) is the level of uranium enrichment.

At the disposal of the Islamic Republic is 241,6 kg of slightly enriched uranium, from a new report by the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA). This corresponds to about 357 kg of uranium hexafluoride, while the agreement provides for 300 kg as the upper limit of stocks of binary compounds.

In addition, Iran has enriched uranium to a level of 4.5 percent, the report said experts.

Earlier, Tehran said that in early September plans to increase the enrichment level to 20 percent.

The agreement forbids to enrich uranium above the level of 3.67%.