The ice hockey world championship – top 3 goals of the day’s play: video

Чемпионат мира по хоккею – топ-3 гола игрового дня: видео

On the world hockey championship in Slovakia ended in the 10th game day. Victories won the championship favorites, the USA, Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic.

All were abandoned with 15 goals. Most in the match Austria – Czech Republic, where the victory was won by the Czechs 8:0.

Into their shots two players of the national team of Czech Republic was in the top 3 of the day’s play. In particular, puck Dominic Kubalik and the Council of the Fax.

The best goal of the asset of the Finnish hockey player Dominic Simon.

At the world championship on hockey became known to all the participants of play-off round. Also known mesh of the playoffs.