The ice Wolves in a spectacular match won “Dynamo”, the “White bars” lost “Kremenchug”: video

"Ледяные Волки" в зрелищном матче обыграли "Динамо", "Белый Барс" проиграл "Кременчугу": видео

30 October took place the next matches of the regular season of the Ukrainian hockey League – Paris-Match. “Ice Wolves” beat MCC “Dynamo” and “Kremenchug” in overtime beat “White bars”.

Ice Wolves – Dinamo 4:2 (2:0, 1:2, 1:0)

The first period was in full advantage of Kiev, which was embodied in two goals.

In the second frame, both teams demonstrated their skills in the implementation of the majority. First, Dynamo abadjian has reduced the account to a minimum – 2:1. Three minutes later, Alexander Sparrow – 3:1 After three minutes and again abadjian – 3:2.

Further on a platform there were some “wolves”. Guests were under their full pressure and only a miracle would not allow the owners to throw the puck. The third period was an equal fight, in which another goal was different, the owners of the site.

Ice Wolves – Dinamo video of the match

White Leopard – Kremenchug 4:5 (0:0, 2:2, 2:2, 0:1)

No less dramatic a victory came “Kremenchug”. In each period, the scoreboard was tied. In the second and third period teams had two goals.

Therefore, the fate of the match was decided in overtime, where the decisive was the puck Kiselyov.

White leopard – Kremenchug video of the match