“The ICU is full”: in Transcarpathia are sounding the alarm because of the new flash COVID-19

"Реанимации переполнены": на Закарпатье бьют тревогу из-за новой вспышки COVID-19

For the last day in Transcarpathia has recorded 109 cases of infection with coronavirus. This is a record for the region.

The deterioration of epidemical in Transcarpathia has led to a sharp increase in the number of hospitalized patients. The intensive care unit in hospitals of the first wave is full.

This was at the briefing in the Transcarpathian regional state administration said Michael Pole, chief physician of the Transcarpathian infectious diseases hospital.

“The deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the Carpathians led to a sharp increase in hospitalized patients in hospitals of the first wave of the intensive care unit is full. Over the past two weeks the number of patients with coronavirus has increased significantly, we will soon reach the point that we will not have room for hospitalization,” said the Pole.

He explained that now in hospitals of the first wave does not take patients, because the recovery process is hard, about three weeks continues treatment in a hospital.

“Today, June 20, in the morning in the hospitals of the first wave of 179 patients placed. Yesterday issued only 11. Don’t subscribe – so have no where to put a new one,” said the Pole.

He also noted that from 19 June patients COVID-19 hospitalityat in district hospitals.

“But in some areas of Khust, Svalyava, Irshava, they also are overcrowded. Today, more than 30 patients in each” – he said.

The rate of new cases COVID-19 in the last 7 days on 100 thousand population here exceeded several times. In addition, this region of Ukraine is the only one where it exceeded one indicator of the workload of hospital beds (nearly 57%).

Last night in Transcarpathia have found the largest ever number of new cases of coronavirus – infected 109.

“This trend stems from the fact that the easing of the quarantine people took it as a cancellation. The observed low social responsibility,” – explains the situation with coronavirus in the region, the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Alexey Petrov.

According to him, in public places people don’t wear masks and do not adhere to social distance during crowded events. He noted that the government of the region will be forced to further strengthen anti-epidemic measures.

Now in Transcarpathia abolished inter-provincial bus transportation. If current trends of infection continue, the authorities may stop and the movement of municipal public transport, he said.

Alexey Petrov has also threatened the local entrepreneurs more strict control and penalties for failure to comply with quarantine measures.

The mayor of Uzhgorod Bogdan Andreev, who was also present at the briefing, also emphasized the seriousness of the situation and even compared it with the fact that at the peak of the outbreak occurred in Italy and Spain.

“The footage we saw a few weeks ago from Spain and Italy can, unfortunately, be repeated in Uzhgorod and Transcarpathian region”, – he said.

Total in Ukraine over the past day found 841 new patient. It’s a little smaller than before, when Ukraine recorded another record – nearly a thousand infected. The number of new patients in Ukraine is growing rapidly for the second week in a row.

Earlier in the Transcarpathian region because of the sharp growth of new cases of infection with coronavirus have returned to more stringent quarantine: closed kindergartens and abolished inter-provincial transport and public events

As reported in the Transcarpathian region recorded the 2069 cases of coronavirus, 54 of them fatal, 842 people were recovered. In recent days revealed 109 cases of coronavirus. This is the second in the last week, a record since the beginning of the pandemic. The previous region was established on June 17, then recorded 82 new cases.

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