The idea of lustration is designed to distract attention from the return of supporters of Yanukovych to power – Poroshenko

Идея новой люстрации призвана отвлечь внимание от возврата соратников Януковича к власти - Порошенко

Submitted by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the draft law on lustration of all who held public and elected offices in Ukraine during the first five years after the revolution of Dignity aimed at banal distraction attention away from a revisionist scenario of the peaceful return to power of supporters of fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych to power, said fifth President of Ukraine, the leader of the political party “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko on air of ICTV TV channel.

“At first I took it just as a joke. And when I realized it, I saw it as exclusively a PR campaign plot. What is the point to submit the bill to the Verkhovna Rada, which effectively stopped his powers, had completed its work and said goodbye to everybody? And suddenly, the President registers the text of the bill. The document has nothing to do with democratic traditions, nor with the European standards”, – was indignant the former President.

According to him, the law on lustration officials of times of Yanukovych and the current bill is absolutely incomparable.

“Don’t even try to compare the reasoning of the lustration laws in 2014, where he was brought to justice those who shot Maidan voted for “laws on January 16”, he was in the team of Yanukovych, called on Putin to send troops to begin the occupation. Those who destroyed the army, destroyed the state, and Vice versa – those who, according to our international partners, for 5 years, did more than a quarter of a century before…. It is substitution of concepts, the attempt to divert attention from returning to power “fifth column” of Yanukovych and Putin”, – said Poroshenko.

In his opinion, such a blatant attempt attacks on “statesmen of the sample in 2014” is only the beginning of total revenge Pro-Russian forces.

“Bogdan, Portnova – only the first swallow. Kolomoisky is an attempt to avenge PrivatBank is so, you know, petty revenge. We see the reaction of the ambassadors of the countries “Big seven”. And this idea can not be perceived by the world and Ukraine, we see the reaction of the healthy part of society,” – concluded the former President.