The idea of subordination of professional Boxing FBU – absurd – Alexander Krasyuk

Идея подчинения профессионального бокса ФБУ – абсурдная, – Александр Красюк

The Boxing Federation of Ukraine has sent an official letter signed by the President of the FBI Vladimir Prodivus to the Ministry of youth and sports with a request to eliminate the “professional Boxing” as a separate sport and remove it from the Register of recognized sports in Ukraine. General Director K2 Promotions Ukraine Alexander Krasyuk told about his attitude to this initiative.

– Alexander, what do you think, why now the FBU had the idea to subjugate the professional Boxing?

– In order to find out the reasons for this step, you need to analyze the relationship between professional Boxing Federation and International Boxing Association (AIBA), which is engaged in Amateur Boxing. Some time ago, AIBA came out with a proposal of implementation of the professional League. They launched a semi-professional League, then individual professional, initiated the creation of a conglomerate and made not very successful attempts to subjugate the world of professional Boxing.

The reason is obvious: AIBA oversees Amateur Boxing. All world Champions among professionals for the last 30-40 years proved himself in Amateur Boxing. 5-7 years Olympic Champions become stars of professional Boxing and have access to significant Finance. Amateur Boxing is funded by the government, and the national Federation spend money on training boxers. They get Champions, certificates, awards and prizes, and a boxer, becoming an Olympic champion or medalist, is in the professionals to achieve financial success and improve their lives. This fact is an internal motive, talking about the commercial component. According to functionaries of Amateur Boxing, it’s possible. But experience shows that professional Boxing and the Olympics, sorry for the stamp – two different kinds of sports. This is confirmed by everyone from analysts to boxers. What looks like gloves and the ring, and the rest is different.

– Meanwhile, the FBI continues to believe that professional Boxing is a commercial the direction of Boxing. Significant differences there.

If professional Boxing doesn’t exist, then where are the Olympic Champions and where they become Champions next? Which sport won the championship belt Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao? By and large, Amateur Boxing is a springboard for the transition to professional Boxing.

– FBU accuses that the League of professional Boxing Ukraine is not cooperating with any international Federation, which must be included in the list of international sports organizations. This reproach has reason?

– What kind of Federation is it? If on the Olympic team, then what does professional Boxing? As for the international federations, in their professional Boxing four. If we stop on the street ten people and ask what they know – the WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF or AVA probably nine out of ten will call the organization in professional Boxing. At least because they are often mentioned. As for the integration of the League of professional Boxing of Ukraine, from 2005 to the conventions of the four leading professional Boxing organizations it is present. Or Vice-President Alina Shaternikova, or in the person of the President of LPBW – Mikhail Zavyalov. Someone always attends these conventions, annually pay dues, there is a regular daily routine. And just this week, world Boxing Council (WBC) has been recognized by Ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine as the international Federation for the development of professional Boxing.

Professional Boxing is evolving and this is well known in our country. Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, Oleksandr Usyk, Vasyl Lomachenko, Alexander Carnations, green dalakan, Viktor Postol, Sergiy Dzinziruk, Yuri Nuzhnenko, Andriy Kotelnik, Vyacheslav Senchenko, Vladimir Sidorenko, we have a large list of world Champions in professional Boxing. And there are plenty of boxers who can join this League list. Only in our promotion company K2 Ukraine’s Denis Berinchyk, Oleg Malinovsky, Dmitry Mitrofanov. Everything works.

– Perhaps the initiative FBU has only a financial component: the Federation just wants to earn money for carrying out of evening of professional Boxing in Ukraine?

– Because of the incompetence can exist is an opinion. In fact in our country today, no one on this earns. To hold a Boxing show is not cheap. But the League of professional Boxing of Ukraine has nothing to do with this budget. The League is a regulatory body that provides a public function at a sporting event – the presence of the supervisor, doctors, judges, ambulance and so on.

– Your forecast for the development?

All depends of the participants in this process. They work in this area, and these people are forming the basis for the decision. While this idea seems so absurd that few professional boxers, promoters and managers can believe in it.