The “ideal” periodic table created in Lebedev Studio

The designer allows to choose a basis and offers 100 thousand variants of classical models of chemical elements of the great scientist.

«Идеальная» таблица Менделеева создана в Студии Лебедева

The “ideal” periodic table created in the Lebedev Studio. It was reported yesterday. From the nuances of appearance is the place to be the choice of the experimenter, and it looks like periodic table of chemical elements. For the most sophisticated science of scientists may accompany the work of 100 thousand original spreadsheet templates. From this we can determine the version and use the video about a specific item, to view information and to see the possibilities of the item.

This broad information option will improve the system knowledge and will help you quickly understand the issue of the connection elements. This opinion is shared by critics. The highlight of the development was the use of photography 30 years the periodic table.

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