“The idiot” by Mikhail Porechenkov decided that Zelensky has lost the sense of humor

"Идиот" Михаил Пореченков посчитал, что у Зеленского пропало чувство юмора

Two Russian actor who openly supports the annexation of Crimea and occupation of Russia’s actions in Eastern Ukraine, Mikhail Porechenkov and Ivan Okhlobystin have had a “disservice” to the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, writing on March 29, a few videos in support of it, one of which they exchanged such phrases as “Crimea is ours!”, “Glory to Ukraine!” and “All ours!”.

In another roller Porechenkov and Okhlobystin say they are going to support Zelensky for corporate ethics, and want to discuss his nomination to fight in the Donbass writer Zakhar by Prilepine. Then the actors assume that Zelensky will offer them high posts in gratitude for the support after winning the election. Porechenkov says that he wants to become defense Minister and party Patriarch.

The videos sparked outrage in the Ukrainian social networks, and the candidate himself denied them and called their colleagues idiots.

“Idiots. Why they did it at all?” – Zelensky said in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”. However, the actor believes that they did it for the money.

The candidate understands that this “is” will not bring votes, but rather, take away available.

Meanwhile, Porechenkov in his speech at a Moscow radio station, said Zelensky has lost the sense of humor, told Lenta. Ru.

“I think it’s a virus: once people start to engage in politics, they have lost the humor!” – said Porechenkov, suggesting that Zelensky “will be a dull President.”

The sense of humor of the Ukrainians Porechenkov is well known: in 2014, he shot “a joke” on the Ukrainian “cyborg” defenders of Donetsk airport from heavy machine gun, for which, possibly, will ever be held accountable. In January 2015, the security service announced it wanted.

Porechenkov and Okhlobystin denied entry to Ukraine. Similar measures concerning them taken in Latvia.