The illusionist performing a trick under water, died

Иллюзионист, выполнявший трюк под водой, погиб

Famous Indian magician Cancala Lahiri, who went missing in Kolkata performing a stunt, was found dead. It is reported by Times of India.

The illusionist decided to repeat the number of the magician Harry Houdini. The trick was that the magician was freed from the shackles of the box where he was locked up under water with their hands tied. 16 Jun Lahiri decided to repeat this performance. He was immersed in the waters of one of the branches of the Ganges, on which Calcutta stands, and on the surface of Lahiri, he has not appeared.

Police and rescuers using divers began the search for the magician, but the first day of searching yielded no result. The body of Lahiri found only at night on June 18.

Experts pointed out that during the execution of the trick, the magician made some serious mistakes, which led to a tragic outcome. In particular, it is noted that the rough clothing significantly restrict its movement in the river.

Investigation of the incident. Investigates the circumstances of the incident.