The image of Melania trump compared with the heroine of the famous film: photo – 24 Channel

Образ Меланії Трамп порівняли з героїнею відомої кінострічки: фото - 24 Канал

The whole world continues to watch for a lot of official tour Melania trump in Africa. The first lady has already visited Ghana and Malawi, and now is staying in Kenya.

The American first lady for the first time during the presidency of Donald trump went on an official trip. Tour the lovely Melania chose Africa. In the four countries of the continent, the first lady implements a charitable program “Be the Best”, in which local schools will receive assistance. Melania trump had already arrived in Malawi more than a million textbooks.

Now a private jet the first lady landed in Kenya. At the airport Melania trump met the President’s wife Margaret Kenyatta. After the formal meeting the first lady went on a Safari. To hunting elegant women are not resorted to, but admire exotic animals in a reserve in Kenya.

For such a visit Melania trump has prepared a special outfit. The first lady dazzled in front of cameras in a brown tight pants, boots and white shirt. Their way she added special hat, which looked very impressive. Melania spoke with Kenyans and timidly stroked him.




Attentive netizens noticed that during this output Melania trump has copied the image of the heroine Karen Blixen from the movie “Out of Africa”. The role of a rich Baroness in the film performed the Oscar-winning Meryl Streep. In the film she appeared in the same way as Melania trump, adding to its tied at the neck with a handkerchief.


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