The immunologist told about the best modern medicine from the flu

Иммунолог рассказала о лучших современных лекарствах от гриппа

“Knowing the tactics and strategy of the virus and drug reading the instructions, you can get a few trump cards in the fight against influenza,” – says Larisa Kuznetsova, a pediatrician, Professor of clinical immunology and Allergology, National medical Academy of postgraduate education im. Shupik. It is reported MedOboz.

Immunologist pointed out typical mistakes made by people trying to get rid of the disease. For example, drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops, drying the mucous membranes that deprives people of natural protection. And this is the virus hospitably open door. Also, do not completely rely on the immune system, since at the initial stage of the disease, his individual capabilities define only the time during which the virus will break defenses. Head of viral load in influenza the immune system just gets overwhelmed.

All antiviral drugs should be taken in the first 48 hours after the first symptoms

The doctor emphasizes that the choice in anti-virus restricted drugs direct antiviral action. These drugs affect the penetration of the virus into the body and its reproduction. Effective antiviral drug should be able to inhibit the enzymes timidinkinaza and RNA polymerase that provide the formation of viral particles. Scientists conducting clinical research have proven that the most effective direct antiviral action of plant are flavonoids. They are allowed to be used even in the treatment of children from the first days of life. Flavonoids inhibit the reproduction not only of influenza but also SARS, helping the body not to peak viral loads. The drug-based flavonoids there is no difference to fight the flu or SARS, they are equally effective. The active substance is Proteflazid, which is part of the drug Flavour (formerly known as the Immunoplate).

All antiviral drugs should be taken in the first 48 hours after the onset of the initial symptoms, reminiscent of an immunologist. Too late to affect the virus useless.