The import of Ukrainian products in “LNR”, as the Spanish bullfight

Ввоз украинских продуктов в "ЛНР", как испанская коррида

Look closely in this photo. What do you think? Some boxes and obviously public toilets. I will tell you the story of this picture.

Ukrainian food come to Lugansk in different ways. What they have in stock and large quantities in all markets, “LC”, is not even a question. In addition to the markets, which are a lot of questions, the Ukrainian products are in abundance in all “Republican” supermarkets. Even roshenovskie candy appeared to have no political overtones.

The path of the supply of Ukrainian goods in the “Republic” diverse and quirky. Most often this smuggling, which is organized as jewelry from the point of view of logistics, that so-called logistics managers the whole process in time to go to work in a huge, world-class airports. In General, the supply routes of smuggling are different. With a quick and easy – directly from Ukraine, “the Republic” by the old bridge to the Village.

11 km from the bridge vegetable wholesale market, a little further – Eastern market. And the product can be taken close to the wholesale receiving point, which you, by the way, and I see in this photo. That is, the process of moving production of the Ukrainian manufacturers is not one – sided – I went and bought and moved. This is a complicated communication, which includes people on both sides of the bridge – drivers, porters, administrators. This process is almost a mirror. On the Ukrainian side of the product is brought to the bridge, unload, weighed and Packed by cars numerous thieves. Every organizer has their own group of technikou.

Then the task of technikow to carry goods from one river Bank to the other. Besides the fact that it’s not an easy physical job, it is also long enough. Technikow its place. And when the military from the Ukrainian side give the go-ahead to move, it’s like an attraction in Spain while on the streets, they release a bull, and need to hide, step aside or run faster. That’s how it looks on the bridge: Techniki, overwrought, pushing a 75-pound cars, seniors running, and it turns out all this the crush and a bunch where lose your passport, break hands and prostrate. Runs each. And to concede wants nobody in this queue. The work of Technica pretty dirty – to move the car across the bridge, hold the milled part of the road, to raise up. Though along with hefty guys technikami “work” and fragile girl, and alcoholics, and the elderly.

On the side of the “Republic” cargo unloaded. Weighed. Technik receives his salary of 300 UAH, and the movers move the boxes into the cars to run them at wholesale markets. Often waiting for cars the boxes are placed in toilets. In those boxes, that the photo can be cheese, sausage Perevalska, Poltava, or Belovodskoe butter, roshenovskie candy, cabbage. After a couple of meters under the shed, we can read a warning about measles and African swine animals. But none of the “legitimate” representative of “Republic” in emphasis does not see tons of foods that are packaged at public toilets that day there are thousands of people.

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Ввоз украинских продуктов в "ЛНР", как испанская коррида