The incident near the petrol station: a man was killed instantly

Происшествие возле АЗС: мужчина погиб мгновенно

In the Kharkiv region happened fatal accidents. In the town of Bohodukhiv in Kharkiv on the street, and 207, under the wheels of the car hit the pedestrian. As reported in the regional state administration, the incident occurred on April 1, about 20:30. From the received traumas the man died on the spot.

“Near the gas station on the highway “Akhtyrka – Bogodukhov” grey VW brought down 34-the summer inhabitant of Bogodukhov district. Established that the man was on the right side of the roadway in the direction of Kharkov, when he drove the car”, – told in regional management of national police.

23-year-old resident who was at the wheel of a Volkswagen, tried to escape from the scene. However, it managed to hold.

The incident qualified under part 2 St. 286 (violation of safety rules of road traffic) criminal code of Ukraine. The perpetrator threatens to spend behind bars for up to 8 years.

Photo: GU NP in the Kharkiv region.

Происшествие возле АЗС: мужчина погиб мгновенно

Происшествие возле АЗС: мужчина погиб мгновенно

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