The infectious disease specialist spoke about the threat of a “second Italy” in Kiev

Инфекционист высказался об угрозе "второй Италии" в Киеве

An additional burden on the hospital for infectious diseases in Ukraine, create the patients for treatment in other hospital departments must be checked for COVID-19.

This was reported by the infectious disease physician from Kiev Yevgeny Dubrovsky. He noted that the situation in the medical institutions remains difficult.

“Work has become more difficult. The staff on duty increased. The number of ambulances exceed adequate standards. What happened? Italy in Ukraine?” – he wrote.

The doctor said that the Italian scenario in Ukraine is not expected, however, there are other difficulties.

“To get the planning in any hospital, it is necessary to have a certificate that the patient has no COVID-19”, – he explained.

Such a test can be free from a family doctor, but the waiting time is 10 days. You can apply in private laboratories, where the result is issued in 1-2 days, but it’s worth the money.

“And there is a group of people who can’t wait. Even these 1-2 days. This group of patients in need of immediate assistance. Now. But it just, without exception coronavirus infection in a regular hospital they will not get.

If there’s the slightest hint of respiratory disease (fever, pneumonia in the picture) – all should undergo PCR testing. Only in the infectious hospital, where the need to exclude or confirm this diagnosis. With such patients we now operate,” said the doctor.

Dubrovsky stressed that he considered these demands correct. “During the quarantine, attempts have been to provide assistance to the chronically ill, passing the examination, patients coronavirus is ended in a mass infection of doctors and other patients in offices. And closing on quarantine of several “non-infectious” hospitals. This has led to serious consequences and additional load on other hospitals. Consequently, this forced step,” said the medic.

However, according to him, the influx of patients in the “infectionsi” became very large. For example, in Kiev there are only three infectious diseases hospital.

“Rush “er” crazy. Overloading of outlets. Completed resuscitation boxes. Of the load on the staff, I generally keep quiet. It becomes clear what happened in Italy,” wrote the doctor.

Инфекционист высказался об угрозе "второй Италии" в Киеве

Инфекционист высказался об угрозе "второй Италии" в Киеве