The informant Wikileaks manning was taken into custody for refusing to testify about information leaks

Информатора Wikileaks Мэннинг заключили под стражу за отказ давать показания об утечках информации

March 8 in the American Alexandria (Virginia), the district court decided to jail the WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning, who refused to testify in the case of leaking classified information. Reported by the Associated Press.

His decision judge Claude Hilton announced after a short hearing, during which manning confirmed that does not intend to issue information on the WikiLeaks Grand jury in closed session.

Manning stands for the openness of the process in the case of an information leak, said the Agency.

According to Hilton, manning will remain in custody until until the Grand jury completes its work or until arrested did not testify.

The petition for house arrest the court dismissed.

Bradley manning was arrested in 2010. August 21, a military Tribunal, the US sentenced him to 35 years in prison for disclosing classified information.

The day after the verdict, he announced the desire to have a sex change and asked to be called Bradley, not Chelsea. American court allowed manning to change name to female, and in 2015 the former agent allowed to undergo hormone therapy for a sex change.

17 January 2017 President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of manning. She was released may 17, 2017, and not in 2045 as it was supposed to sentence.