The inhabitant of Melitopol told what Koreans associate Ukraine and chipping debris

Жительница Мелитополя рассказала, с чем корейцы ассоциируют Украину и о чипировании мусора

Time difference between Ukraine and South Korea – seven hours to reach the country, you need to spend the day. But you will get a completely different, high-tech world in which almost do not need the police, paper money and even their own opinion. A world in which appearance is considered an important factor even for the device to work, and parents give their daughters the certificates for operation with the plastic surgeon. Well if you live in South Korea, under the heading “Our overseas” to tell the version of Oksana, who has lived in this country for a few months.

Part I

Oksana claims that you can be at least three times a polyglot, but without knowledge of Korean in this country will not do: South Koreans do not know neither English, nor French, nor German, and only understand its own language.

Local firmly believe that the standard of living are on the 12th place in the world, and I think that in fact cooler they only America, England, Germany, and several other countries. All the other inhabitants of the planet the Koreans obviously feel inferior. Respect for them is worthy of the Americans and… natural blondes. To blonde people there is an inexplicable passion. That is why our compatriot were all friendly.

The attitude to Ukraine the Koreans changed significantly after 2014. Until that time, they knew that the Ukrainian footballer Shevchenko, boxer Klitschko, beautiful girls, but also fertile black soil. Now our country Koreans have associated with the word “war”. In the conflict with Russia, they feel sorry for us, but no matter which side it does not become.

“Yes” and “no” do not say…

When asked to describe Koreans in short, Oksana replied, “quirky”. The representatives of this nation never, under any circumstances, speak or answer questions directly. They build such convoluted verbal constructions, it is impossible to understand what they answer the most common question, implying a one-word answer – “Yes” or “no” they do not use.

And Oksana believes Koreans are selfish – their attention, location and even respect you can buy. Quite normal practice, when I go to visit and buy something owners, but in Korea it is distorted to the limit – there is a fee for each trip. Go to friends, for example, is $ 50, and if the relatives, all 100. And you just walk into the house, and you have expectantly watching: what did you bring? In the Korean wedding, a birthday party, guests are given the money and the donated amount are recorded in a special book that is sent to the honoree. When some event happens, someone from the guests, Korean opens the book, looking as he gave this man under any circumstances can not give less. Oksana jokes that in this approach, the Bank feel more comfortable than visiting the small and these smiling Koreans.

Pathological loyalty… work

No less difficult is corporate ethics. In South Korea there is no such thing that the working day is over or the job is done and the worker can be free. Any company with work all go together because it is believed that colleagues are family, and the firm’s total. And those who think that their time is normalized, traitors.

But routine, because if the man does not stay long in place, is strongly condemned. Such devotion has its rewards. If a person works in one company for a long time, from year to year it significantly increased salary. If a beginner receives the first year of operation, for example, 30 thousand dollars, in the second it will get 40 thousand, and so on. Claim to the pension at an annual salary of 100 thousand dollars is quite real and very honorable.

Gossip in all countries of the world, – says Oksana, – but if we have it condemned, in Korea to discuss the man behind common practice. Moreover, Korean can easily approach the person and say that the last days he and his friends (relatives, colleagues) were discussing you, and they all decided that… – and then their conclusion. While in the eyes can not watch is considered a manifestation of arrogance. And the phrase “you’re acting like a European” is considered an insult! says our compatriot.

Cyberbunny garbage

Because in Melitopol have long been discussing the theme of waste sorting, Oksana told how this theme is developed in Korea. Throw away trash as we have at least ten times a day, there is not – every day you can get rid of only household waste that is not recycled. For this purpose, in designated areas is a pair of conventional plastic containers. It provided with a special container for food waste, it is closed on special chip: put waste in it may be the only person that has access to the chip, and all who took advantage of the container are fixed. Also the tank has a built scales that weigh waste and “remember” how much they threw away. The expense for garbage disposal depends on how many times you took out the trash. That is, in fact throw it at any number, but will have to pay accordingly.

The rest of the garbage you have to sort and throw away once a week: separate packages are put plastic, cans, cartons and glass. All this Koreans burn.

To be continued

In the next part, read: as in Korea earn $ 500 per week on the talk, how many have to pay for fighting in a public place, why work officer in Korea prestige and how much it costs a month of living in South Korea.