The inhabitant of Odessa region killed the villager

30-the summer inhabitant of the village of Hradenytsi Belyaevsky district died in the ambulance from internal bleeding resulting from a blow with a knife.

Doctors reported the incident to the police, reports “”.

Arrived at the scene, police established that the crime involved a 41-year-old fellow villager of the victim.

The day of the tragedy, the suspect came into someone else’s house, which at the time was visiting his wife and mother-in-law, and started to sort things out. The owners called for help neighbor, who escorted the angry man from the yard. Fearing that rowdy will meet them somewhere along the road, women were asked the same neighbor to hold them home.

The man agreed and brought the mother and daughter to the house the eldest of the women. As soon as she came into the yard, they again attacked the intruder and during the collision, struck the victim with a knife.